17 Life-Changing Lessons Shrooms Make You Realize

By Austin Dixon | Updated November 7, 2022 | Mushrooms, Psychedelics
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If you’re thinking about taking magic mushrooms for the first time, you’re likely curious about what the experience will be like.

We scoured the internet to track down some of the best realizations after a shroom trip.

Slow Down

“To slow down, the real meaning of slow down and take the time to see the beauty in this world, laugh at you own mistakes and hug yourself knowing you are love.”

β€” Na Lu

Not To Take Life Too Seriously

“To not take myself, nor anyone else, so seriously. We are just lil animals hanging out on this planet. And one day we die. It ain’t that serious. Just breathe πŸ₯°

β€” DJ Moon

Love Yourself

“To really truly love myself. To find more gratitude and make it a practice. To face my shadows and learn both the bad and the good hiding within.”

β€” Becka Allyson Blair

Be Kind

“That being kind is the only real important thing, because we are all on the same trip to the grave and how you are remembered is the only thing that lives after.”

β€” Devin Sharp

The Importance Of Self Care

“Self care. I Stoped trying to gain others love because I needed it for myself. Selfishly it taught me to stop caring about others as much as I did. I’m not saying it made me mean to others because i still genuinely love being kind. But for going out of my way for people that left me feeling useless and miserable does not happen like it use too.”

β€” Dakota Loera

We Are The Dance Of Life

“I understood that there is nothing that exists but this field of consciousness, and we are a manifestation of this. We are the dance of life.”

β€” 7ero_Seven

Dance More Often

“Something about my internal state made me want to get up and dance and it was all so spiritual. I could feel the universe dancing with me with every move and swaying/vibrating with me. I could feel the purity and ultimate reality of the present and that my dance was all there was to the entire universe at that time. It was beautiful and amazing.”

β€” RumiShroomy

Know Thyself

“I took a psilocybin pill that a mate sold me during my second year of uni. I basically realised that I didn’t know myself well enough as a person to really let anyone in – probably because I was only 20 – and that none of my friends really knew me.

I cried like a baby, but I think it really helped me to make big decisions about who I actually wanted to be and how I wanted to present myself, which definitely led to me being so confident and unconcerned with people not liking me now, because at least I’m being my authentic self.”

β€” Sumiyah

Give And Receive Love

“I realized that underneath one’s fears, expectations, insecurities, beliefs, pressures, and past experiences, there is just a loving person, who wants to give and receive love.”

β€” Mannyheffleyy


“Personally, during my first trip, shrooms taught me to be more grateful for my own existence/control over my life. I often used to feel hopelessness towards my future, but ever since my trip I’ve been trying to be a bit more optimistic. I’ve also changed many aspects of my daily routine in order to increase my positive energy and productivity. I learned that if I want to feel less hopeless about my future and my present, only I am able to do anything to change that.”

β€” xyzzi

We Are All Connected

“Shrooms have helped showed me that we are all one. Everything in the universe is connected and we (humans) are just the universe recognizing itself.”

β€” ShroomsRevelations

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

“That I need to stop focusing on what I dont want and think about realizing the things I do want.”

β€” softseraphic

Be Whoever You Want To Be

“The most important thing that mushrooms showed me is that you can be whoever you want to be. Sometimes we get so settled into our habits that life seems almost robotic, like we can’t control who we are and how we live. Many of us have an ideal self that we would like to be. On mushrooms, I thought about the type of person I’d truly like to be and realized that I can be that person. I still have a long journey ahead, but since that trip I’ve been steadily improving my self image and making healthier choices.”

β€” Slick_Deacon

Be Gentle On Yourself

“Before I ever took shrooms, I criticized myself. Harshly, and constantly. But, I thought that’s just how it was. I thought that everyone was living in a never-ending loop of harsh criticism of themselves.

I never thought I was good enough for anything, or at anything. I’d make myself feel guilty for any negative feelings I experienced. Basically, I just bullied myself endlessly.

It was like I was my own worst enemy, and that’s exactly what I realized during a shroom trip. Holding onto a negative perception of my own self was making my life a lot more difficult than it needed to be. Shrooms taught me that it’s far more important to be gentle and patient with yourself, rather than bullying yourself at all hours of the day.”

β€” Kelsey Kryger

Live In The Now

“I learned how to avoid overthinking, which ultimately led to the end of my depression and anxiety, by learning to enjoy living in the present moment rather than focusing on the past and future.”

β€” platt_ma

“How to be in the moment, that I was punishing myself, that I have been taking others for granted, and the art of surrender – it is acceptable to just be me.”

β€” elzaphod42

We Are Nature, Nature Is Us

“Just giving yourself the chance to see a new horizon is medicine in itself. Nature is us. Nature is all around us. Deep inside us are the tools for happiness and contentment, psychedelics seem to lend ready access if you ask me.”

β€” flatworldart

We Are All Energy

“The realization I had at that moment has continued to guide me since. I realized that I am not my ego. I am not my thoughts. The universe is a never-ending cycle of energy, and I am just another wave, whether I realize it or not. There is not anything for me to do except to exist. Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

What was I afraid of? Merely existing and being true to your nature is all that is required.”

β€” Vincent Kavanagh

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