7 Fun Things To Do On Shrooms

By Austin Dixon | Updated February 25, 2023 | Consumption, Mushrooms
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Everyone has heard of shrooms, but not everyone knows what to do on them.

People who enjoy psychedelic mushrooms often have a great time and some even experience life changing events.

These experiences with magic mushrooms can have a huge influence on their lives moving forward.

Whether you’re taking shrooms for the first time,  or you’re an experienced person, here’s a list of 7 things to do on shrooms.

What Does A Mushroom Trip Feel Like?

Magic mushroom trips are often characterized by feelings of euphoria and oneness with the world around you.

The trip will start off with more or less of a buzz and simple visuals such as wavy lines and color trails will be evident.

As the magic mushroom trip progresses, so does the intensity of both sound and these visuals.

Often by hour three (the “peak”) of your magic mushroom experience, your senses may be turned “inward.”

In many cases, a trip typically last from 3-7 hours after consumption of psilocybin mushrooms and include feelings such as being outside oneself and feeling as “one” with the world around you.

You may also experience an altered sense of time not bound by linear constraints.

It’s hard to put into words, and there’s no one answer that fits everyone.

The beauty of magic mushrooms is that everyone’s experience is unique to them.

Best put, consuming magic mushrooms feels like being surrounded by the infinite beauty of our world.

How Long Does A Mushroom Trip Last?

The duration of a magic mushroom trip varies widely depending on the species of hallucinogenic mushrooms, your body weight, and the dosage.

There are some online magic mushroom calculators that can help you determine the length of your trip.

A normal “trip” when taking 2-3 grams of magic mushrooms typically lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

It’s very important not to combine high dose mushrooms with alcohol or other drugs as this significantly increases the risk of adverse reactions.

Also, it’s always best to eat a healthy diet leading up to your trip in order to best prepare your body.

Try to stay away from too many fatty, high-carb foods as you won’t want to feel discomfort during your experience.

Fun Things To Do On Shrooms

1. Write down your experience in a journal

Journaling while tripping on magic mushrooms

The first thing to keep in mind while on a magic mushroom trip is that your experience can be overwhelmingly positive and healing.

When you’re shrooming, it’s easy to find inspiration and come up with new ideas that we might not be able to while sober.

If taken with care and cautious direction, shrooms can strengthen the brain’s capacity for processing sensory input and generate ways of looking at what we call reality that show us to ourselves in an entirely new light.

That’s why one of our favorite things to do on shrooms is journaling.

Take some time before your trip to set intentions of certain topics in your life you want to explore deeper.

This could be your relationships with family or friends, or a creative problem in your work that you haven’t been able to solve.

Writing in a journal while on magic mushrooms can prove to be a powerful exercise to unlock new knowledge in your life. It’s also a great way to recall important information you’ve uncovered after your experience.

2. Go on a hike in nature

Hiking in nature can be a magical experience while on a magic mushroom trip.

While hiking, focus on the visual aspects of the nature around you to heighten the experience.

Don’t hold your phone so you can get photos for Instagram.

Instead, set your intention to learn more about Mother Nature and the beauty that surrounds you.

Stay away from hiking in dangerous areas as to prevent injury since psychedelic shrooms can sometimes cause a distorted reality.

Also, make sure to have a trip sitter that can help you avoid any dangerous situations.

3. Express your creativity through art

While you are on any psychedelic, the act of making art is an easy one.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an “artist,” get out a piece of paper and whatever artwork materials you have. Then, see where your creativity takes you.

Us humans all have various levels of associations with sight, sound, smell, etc. Use this as creative inspiration to create a painting, drawing, or canvas of whatever comes to your mind.

You might be surprised at the beauty of art you can create while on shrooms!

4. Spend intentional time with loved ones

One of the most therapeutic things to do on shrooms is spending time with loved ones.

In the right company, the euphoria experienced by magic mushrooms allows you to open up and connect in ways that you may not be able to regularly.

This sense of connection and joyfulness is deep and lasting. Higher levels of serotonin release can help pave the way for deeper connections than you’ve ever felt before.

Also, don’t be afraid to “trip” together with friends while keeping the experience individual.

One of the best ways to do this is by setting up cozy pillows and cushions and wearing a sleep mask while the group trips. Everyone can enjoy their own space while together in one room.

Ultimately, magic mushroom use activates your emotional and sexual connection to the people you’re with.

5. Take some time to meditate

Magic mushroom products are known for their ability to help you form new visuals, and we all know how meditative visuals can be.

Meditating while on magic mushrooms can be a deeply profound and therapeutic experience.

It allows you to focus on the core of your being, while also allowing you to relax during your trip.

As with any psychedelic experience, make sure to set intentions beforehand so you can use meditation as a way to focus on what truly matters in your life.

6. Listen to uplifting music

Woman listening to music while tripping on magic mushrooms

Psychedelics change the way you hear music, which is why they can be so therapeutic in certain settings.

The good news is there are no common ground rules about what kind of music enhances an experience. It’s purely up to individual preference.

Some people say that upbeat, happy, or even light classical paired with the experience can make a trip more enjoyable.

At the end of the day, you get to decide what music you want to fill your soul during your magic mushroom trip.

If you’re looking for what we consider the best music for a magic mushroom trip, check out this music playlist.

7. Get cozy and relax

We’ve all heard about a “good trips” and a “bad trip.”

While you can’t necessary control the experience you have, you can set yourself up for success by being intentional about your set and setting.

Make sure you’re in a cozy, relaxed environment where you feel 100% comfortable.

The last thing you want is to be in a place where you feel anxious or uncomfortable (like a party or social setting).

Grab your blankets, pillows, and other comfort items. Then, find a calming spot to relax and enjoy your trip!

You can also enjoy watching movies while on shrooms if you’re looking for direct entertainment.

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