Best Music For A Mushroom Trip [Full Playlist]

By Austin Dixon | Updated June 8, 2022 | Mushrooms
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Are you looking for the best music for a mushroom trip?

Psychedelic music can have a huge affect on someone’s mood and perception. Some even say that the right music can make or break a psychedelic experience.

Music with a hypnotizing beat, a long build-up, and a powerful climax will do wonders for those under its spell.

By listening to this certain kinds of music during your trip, you’ll be ready to heal internally.

In this article, we’ve compiled the best music to listen to during the come up, peak, and come down of your next psychedelic trip.

Best Music For A Mushroom Trip

Best Music For A Mushroom Trip: The Come Up

Faith’s Hymn by Beautiful Chorus

Makambo by Geoffrey Oryema

Naturaleza (Mose Edit) by Danit

Guacamayo by Danit

Iluminar by Poranguí

Gajumaru by Yaima

Best Music For A Mushroom Trip: The Peak

Warmth of the Sun’s Rays by Hang Massive

Israel Song by Carioca Chandra Edgar

The Song of the Butterfly by Estas Tonne

Shante Ista by Mose, Sunyana, & Nalini Blossom

It Starts Now by BLOND:ISH

An Analog Guy In A Digital World by Martin Roth

Hasata by Yeahman

Saya by Sona Jobarteh

Best Music For A Mushroom Trip: The Come Down

Soumbou Toure by The Touré-Rachel Collective

Love Song by MARDELEVA

O, I Love You by Essie Jain

The Power Is Here Now by Alexia Chellum

Hymn To The Soul by LAOR

Best Playlist For A Mushroom Trip

For a more internal psychedelic experience, we recommend listening to this music with headphones on while wearing a sleep mask.

If you want a longer playlist for your full mushroom trip, try this Spotify playlist below:

Comment below and let us know what song(s) you would add to this list!

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