How To Buy Magic Mushrooms Online With Schedule35

By Austin Dixon | Updated February 9, 2023 | Mushrooms
Schedule35 magic mushroom microdosing packs

Whether you’ve tried psychedelics before or are just learning about them because of the recent “microdosing” trend, you’re in the right spot.

Sourcing magic mushrooms can be a real pain (trust us, we know).

Since magic mushrooms are still (technically) illegal, traditional routes have been to find a deal or grow your own magic mushrooms at home.

Luckily as legislation continues changing, some companies are taking it upon themselves to ship magic mushrooms directly to your door!

In this article, we’ll share all about the company Schedule35 and how they’re changing the way people buy magic mushrooms online.

What Is Schedule35?

Schedule35 is an online company that brands themself as the “number one shop for premium magic mushroom and psilocybe cubensis microdose products.”

Started by a team of creative professionals who were looking for better ways to unlock their creativity, Schedule35 is quickly becoming the go-to marketplace for new users to learn about how to microdose mushrooms safely.

They currently sell magic mushrooms online in both Canada and the United States.

Schedule35 offers microdosing packs in 100mg, 200mg, and 500mg doses.

They also offer a 5g magic mushroom chocolate bar that costs $65.

While these mushrooms will cost you a little more than buying from a “street dealer,” you can be confident that Schedule35 uses safe production techniques and provides accurate doses.

Since the sale of magic mushrooms is still a “grey area” in regards to legalities, Schedule35 operates from a decriminalized zone and puts the responsibility on the consumer to stay educated on current laws in their state.

If you’re curious which states have legalized magic mushrooms, you can learn more here.

Technically speaking, you’re able to purchase magic mushrooms from Schedule35 and they’ll ship directly to your door.

However, we recommend knowing your state laws to avoid any legal trouble.

How To Buy Magic Mushrooms With Schedule35

Buying magic mushrooms online through Schedule35 is pretty straightforward.

However, they do have a verification process you must follow.

Step 1: Get an invite code

You can get an invite code in two different ways:

  1. Send them a DM on Instagram
  2. Email them at with the subject line “Need invite code”.

Make sure to include your drivers license, or valid government ID so they can verify residency.

Step 2: Pick your dosage

Schedule35 offers microdosing packs in 100mg, 200mg, and 500mg doses.

Step 3: Have a good trip! 😜

As always, we advocate for the safe usage of magic mushrooms.

These little fungi are packed with loads of healing benefits, so make sure to check out other articles on our site to educate yourself about best ways to use and consume magic mushrooms.

Happy tripping!

Austin Dixon

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Austin Dixon is a recently converted psychonaut with a newfound interest in psychedelics and their affects on mental health. After thinking psychedelics were "weird hippie drugs" for 28 years, his mission is to now help educate others who are new to psychedelics.

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