Can You Overdose On Shrooms?

By Austin Dixon | Updated February 9, 2023 | Dosing, Mushrooms
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Thinking of taking magic mushrooms but not sure where to start?

If you’re new to the world of magic mushrooms, you may be wondering how much to take and if you can overdose on shrooms.

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • How to properly dose with magic mushrooms
  • How different shroom dosages effect the body and mind
  • What shroom dose you should take depending on your experience level

How To Dose Shrooms

When it comes to dosing shrooms, it’s important to know how much psilocybin you’re ingesting.

Not knowing the dose can cause you to have a bad trip and feel uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, psychedelic mushrooms are no joke.

Properly dosing shrooms helps ensure you have a positive psychedelic journey.

So, how do you dose shrooms?

That depends on a variety of factors like what you’ve had to eat, your body composition, and when the last time you ingested psilocybin mushrooms was.

In addition, dosing shrooms comes down to what type of experience you’re trying to get out of them.

Here’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to magic mushroom doses:

Microdose: 0.1g to 0.3g

A microdose is what’s referred to as a “sub perceptual” dose.

It’s about 1/10th the amount of an average dose of magic mushrooms and won’t cause any hallucinogenic effects.

Microdosing has become popular due to research supporting mental health and focus benefits.

Low Dose: 0.3g to 1g

A low dose of magic mushrooms is a step up from a microdose and will often produce noticeable psychedelic effects.

Users report a heightened sense of euphoria and more vibrant colors when taking a low dose of psychedelic mushrooms.

Medium Dose: 1g to 3g

Taking a medium dose of psilocybin mushrooms will produce psychedelic effects like open- and closed-eye visuals, a stronger sense of euphoria and “lightness,” plus a sense of presence for the world around you.

When taking a medium dose of psilocybin mushrooms, make sure to have someone present who can help you during your psychedelic journey.

High Dose: 3g to 5g

A high dose of psilocybin mushrooms will produce cognitive dissociation and some users may experience what’s referred to as an “ego death.”

This type of dosage allows you to really lean into the psychedelic experience and feel a full sense of “oneness” with the world around you.

Heroic Dose: Over 5g

A heroic dose of magic mushrooms is used by experienced psychonauts to experience a full ego death and heal deep rooted trauma.

Many users report feeling an “out of body” experience when taking a heroic dose.

Please do not take a heroic dose unless you are under the supervision of a trained professional.

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What’s A Normal Dose Of Magic Mushrooms?

A common dose of magic mushrooms for you may be different than a normal dose for someone else.

That’s why it’s extremely important to understand how shrooms effect the body and why it’s crucial to be intentional about what you’re looking to get out of the psychedelic experience.

From my experience, a normal dose of magic mushrooms is between 1g and 3g.

Depending on the set, setting, and intention, my normal doses usually fall between that range.

If I’m looking for a “light buzz” from taking magic mushrooms, I’ll take a 1g dose.

Whereas if I’m looking to work a bit more deeply on myself with the help of psychedelic shrooms, the dose will be closer to 3g.

Any higher dose will usually be taken under the supervision of a trained professional.

Can You Overdose On Shrooms?

You can overdose on shrooms, but there have been no reported cases of a fatal shroom overdose.

Since magic mushrooms are natural fungi, they don’t effect the body in the same way that other drugs do.

Common symptoms of “overdosing” on shrooms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Excessive sweating

Keep in mind that these effects may occur during a psychedelic mushroom journey without having overdosed.

If we look at the definition of “overdose,” it simply means to take a “dangerous” amount of a drug.

While other drugs may be fatal, a large dose of magic mushroom may just mean that you end up having a bad trip.

As always, please make sure to consult with an expert or medical professional before taking any large doses of psilocybin mushrooms so you don’t end up with any adverse consequences.

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