How To Become A Psychedelic Integration Coach

By Austin Dixon | Updated March 18, 2023 | Psychedelics
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The psychedelic renaissance is upon us, and many new roles and responsibilities are springing up because of it.

One of those roles, psychedelic integration coaching, should come as no surprise since the use of psychedelics must be met responsibly by users and facilitators.

In this article, we’ll go over what the role of a psychedelic integration coach is.

And how they help aid in the psychedelic experience of their clients.

We’ll cover:

  • What psychedelic integration coaches do to help their clients gain clarity in life and maximize personal growth
  • Who psychedelic integration coaches can best help based on their personal experience
  • Different ways in which integration specialists can help people have positive psychedelic experiences

Plus, how to become a certified psychedelic integration coach.

What Does A Psychedelic Integration Coach Do?

Psychedelic integration coaching is primarily focused on helping clients identify and reach certain goals they have in live.

Integration coaches play an integral role in the psychedelic experience of their clients.

They help sure that users understand how to properly integrate what they experience on their psychedelic journeys.

This also includes helping them understand the full-spectrum healing process, from the risks of psychedelic substances to the importance of post-journey integration support.

Doing so helps protect the physical, spiritual, and mental health of those who use psychedelic medicines for positive transformation in their daily life.

Ultimately, working with a psychedelic integration coach helps users make the most of their psychedelic experiences.

Who Does A Psychedelic Integration Coach Help?

Integration coaches can offer their coaching services to a wide variety of individuals.

There’s no “one size fits all” criteria. This is because each coach may have a specific type of client they work best with.

Past life experience can often help integration coaches determine which type of clientele they’d like to serve.

For example, a coach with previous experience in Corporate America may find that they love providing psychedelic support to CEOs and high-performance professionals.

Since there are a wide range of integration techniques, each professional coach will determine how to best help their clients reach positive outcomes and implement insights gained over time.

If you are a current (or previous) medical professional, this may offer potential benefits to your clients.

How Does A Psychedelic Integration Coach Help?

After a user of psychedelic medicines has had an experience with psychedelic substances, it’s important for them to integrate the lessons learned into their life.

That way they can unlock the ongoing healing benefits of the medicine.

The integration process can help minimize any lost opportunities or buried potential by returning normal consciousness back before its full impact has worn off.

This is where psychedelic integration coaches come in.

Psychedelic integration coaches play an important role in all stages of the psychedelic journey. This includes helping clients prepare for their experience and educating them about harm reduction strategies.

Integration coaching is especially useful when it comes after a trip. That way individuals know how to best support themselves post-journey.

Integration work is the key to maximizing any psychedelic experience.

Engagement during and after a trip minimizes any potential loss of medicinal properties caused by returning back into everyday life again.

How To Become A Psychedelic Integration Coach

As the psychedelic therapy market continues to grow, a number of organizations now offer programs and certifications. These are for both licensed clinicians and non-clinicians looking to offer psychedelic integration coaching.

We recommend doing some research into different programs to find which one best suits your needs and education in the psychedelic space.

Best Psychedelic Integration Coaching Certification

For non-medical professionals, our friends over at The Third Wave offer an intensive certification program with 13 weeks of classes that also includes a live retreat.

The curriculum is followed up by practice coaching as well as a final assessment to ensure each coach is properly educated before being certified.

The Third Wave Coaching Certification Program is the gold standard when it comes to becoming a psychedelic integration coach.

If you’re curious about the Coaching Certification Program and want to see if it’s a good fit for you, you can click here to learn more.

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