Is LSD Legal In Colorado?

By Austin Dixon | Updated February 11, 2023 | Legal Status, LSD
LSD visual of the brain

LSD, sometimes known as acid and zen, is a highly illegal drug in the United States.

While Colorado courts are often lenient on those found using it, they use harsh punishments for possession or trafficking LSD. Penalties include prison time as this is considered a felony.

What is LSD?

LSD is a powerful, mood-altering drug. It’s manufactured from lysergic acid which can be found in the ergot fungus that grows on rye and other grains.

Sometimes referred to as acid and zen, LSD is a hallucinogenic drug that many people love to use recreationally for creativity.

LSD is usually sold in small tablets (β€œmicrodots”), capsules or gelatin squares.

Sometimes it’s added to absorbent paper which then gets divided into decorated designs with cartoons on them. These paper squares these are known as “loony-tunes.”

Liquid LSD can also be disseminated through various methods including absorption and injection .

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