Mushroom Trip Report: December 17th, 2021

By Austin Dixon | Updated February 9, 2023 | Effects & Benefits, Mushrooms
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I’m not going to lie… This is my first public mushroom trip report and I’m a wee bit nervous.

The world of psychedelics still seems so fresh (yet so exciting) to me.

However, after chatting with a few good friends who have experimented with psychedelics for years…

I decided to get over my fear and do a better job at fully documenting my experience with this magical world that I was blind to for 28 years.

My Background

For those of you who have no clue who I am, or you’re stumbling on this site for the first time, my name is Austin Dixon and I’m a recently converted “hippie” who loves to share psychedelic knowledge with my friends, family, and internet strangers.

For the last few years, I’ve been interested in the world of psychedelics after “microdosing” blew up in Silicon Valley and I kept hearing other entrepreneurs share their experience with psychedelics.

So, in 2021 I decided to give them a shot.

It started out with microdosing psilocybin mushrooms.

Then, after curiosity got the best of me, it was time for my first trip.

I forget exactly when I took a macro dose of magic mushrooms for the first time…

But, I’d guess it was around October 2020.

Since then, I’ve continued to microdose sporadically and have “tripped” 4 times in total.

Here’s my mushroom trip report from a few weeks ago:

My Magic Mushroom Trip Report

As I’ve learned with any psychedelic experience, it’s fundamentally important to go into the experience with a clear vision of what you’re trying to work on.

After participating in a guided ceremony back in October 2021 (my 3rd trip), my mindset completely changed from psychedelics being “drugs” (like most people think) and seeing these naturally growing fungi as the medicine they are.

Here’s how I distinguish the two:

“Drugs” are used recreationally to escape our every day fears, guilt, shame, etc.

“Medicine” is used (or, should be used) to intentionally heal our minds, bodies, and souls in a particular way.

Drugs are a coping mechanism to escape the pain; medicine heals the pain.

Drugs are a coping mechanism to escape the pain; medicine heals the pain. Share on X

Intentions & Journaling

Since I use mushrooms as a way to heal my egocentric vulnerabilities as a human, it’s become vitally crucial for me to go into each psychedelic experience with strong intentions of what I want to explore.

This exercise has been made easier for me thanks to a friend sending me a list of questions I answer before my trip.

Here’s a few examples of those questions:

  • What unhealthy mental and physical attachments do you want to release?
  • Are there fears that prevent you from sharing love fully with others?
  • What negative beliefs do you carry that prevent self-love?

Growing up learning that “men shouldn’t show feelings,” these exercises were hard the first time around because I had to confront some uncomfortable truths.

However, it’s these prompts that I’ve surrendered to in order to guide my psychedelic journeys.

If you’re taking shrooms for the first time, allocate 30-60 minutes beforehand to journal about what depths of your mind you want to explore.

WARNING: This may feel uncomfortable!

Humans have a natural instinct to bullshit themselves.

It’s way easier to lie to ourselves about why we don’t show self-love or to confront childhood trauma, but healing can only take place when we stand eye-to-eye with our deepest truths.

Journaling can and will help you do that.

Healing can only take place when we stand eye-to-eye with our deepest truths. Share on X


For this last trip, I decided to take 3 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and one dose of MDMA.

The MDMA was recommended to me during the sound ceremony back in October, so I figured I’d use it during this trip again as a way to open my heart a little wider.

I like to grind my mushrooms into a powder and typically prefer to ingest them in capsules.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any caps (only powder). So, I put 1.5g of mushroom powder into some flavored water to start my trip and also took the MDMA.

After about 90 minutes, I took another 1.5g of mushrooms.

Set & Setting

While I don’t recommend this if you’re new to psychedelics, I decided to go on this magic journey alone on a cozy Friday evening in the confines of my downtown apartment.

NOTE: The reason I didn’t have a “trip sitter” is because I’ve used mushrooms before and knew that 3 grams wasn’t going to make me do anything crazy. I do recommend a trip sitter if it’s your first time or if you’re doing a heavy macro dose.

In order to get comfortable, I made sure to have clean bedding (I tend to sweat a lot during my trips).

I also lit some candles in my room and had my epsom salt lamp next to my bed.

To drown out the noise of downtown Spokane, I threw in my Airpods and turned on my new favorite playlist:

While I’ve always been a big music junkie, I’ve found that music comes alive while using magic mushrooms. That’s why I always recommend the above playlist to my friends during their trips.

Make sure that your “set” and “setting” are comfortable during your trip.

You don’t want any disturbances (I put my phone on Do Not Disturb mode) and always make sure to have a blanket, sweatshirt, etc. handy to help regulate your body temperature. I tend to take these on-and-off as the trip progresses.


The visuals during a mushroom trip are hard to describe to people who have never experienced it.

I prefer to use this sleep mask during my trips so I can stare into complete darkness.

Sounds kind of eerie, I know.

But from my experience, removing your “sight” during a mushroom trip allows you to “see” a lot better.

“Energy flows where attention goes.” I believe is the saying.

And during my psychedelic journeys, this rings more true than ever.

You might be thinking, “Well if you have a sleep mask on, then how do you see visuals?”

And the short answer is I DON’T KNOW haha.

The human mind is a fascinating being.

Despite staring into complete darkness for 6 hours, there are all sorts of visuals at play.

It’s almost as if you can see the music just as much as you can feel it.

I’ll get more into what “rabbit holes” I went down during the trip, but each of these topics came to life.

I was able to envision each “intention” as I worked through it in real-time.

That may not make much sense, so lemme give you an example:

One of the topics I dove into was how the Metaverse is going to play into our daily lives.

Despite looking into complete darkness, I was able to picture a world where millions of humans are nestled in their homes with a screen covering their face as they dance around a virtual world.

Seems terrible, doesn’t it?

Not quite… But I’ll get into that more in a minute 🙂

My Mushroom Experience

As mentioned above, there were a few intentions I had going into the trip.

These included:

  • Certain emotional attachments to women in my life
  • My specific “purpose” inside of the business I help run
  • Fear of having poor financial health
  • My relationship with my parents
  • Shame around my height (I’m 5’7″)
  • Guilt surrounding promises I’ve made but didn’t keep
  • My diet and nutrition standards

While I didn’t end up getting into all of these topics, I did get to tackle some of them with great success.

Here’s a recap of what those discoveries looked like:


For the last 6 years, I’ve been an internet marketer who has heavily self identified as a “marketer.”

Business has been crazy successful this past year and it’s left me pondering, “What’s next?”

While we’re nowhere near where we want to be with the business as a whole, my identity inside the business is changing.

During my mushroom trip, I realized that my role isn’t “marketer” anymore.

Sure, I do some marketing… Writing ads, sales scripts, etc.

But I now see myself strictly as a “builder of great things.”

My purpose is to connect the right people to the right opportunity at the right time.

If I do that, our business will continue to grow as an entity and help us positively impact millions of people.

Breaking down this attachment to being a “marketer” has, in the last few weeks, allowed me to think more strategically.

It’s been less of “What do I need to get done?” and more of “Who do I need to connect with?”

I’m extremely excited to see how this plays out in 2022 and beyond.


Ahhhh yes… relationships.

This has been a big focus for me over the last year, regardless of not having dated anyone in the last 6 years.

It’s kinda crazy to think about that…

But this space away from dating has helped me learn how to love myself and offer myself more fully to others without my “mental garbage” getting in the way.

One of the big intentions I set before this trip was to get clarity around the emotional attachment I built with a certain someone the year prior.

It became clear to me that the attachment was a bit deeper that I realized before and that I’d been avoiding admitting that for months.

A big thing that psychedelics have taught me is that the world is conspiring FOR me; not happening TO me.

To no surprise, I received a text from that “certain someone” during my trip and had an extremely fruitful conversation with her where I was able to:

  • For once, effectively communicate my feelings and how I perceived our relationship/friendship
  • Express my emotions in a healthy, clear manner
  • Establish clear, concise boundaries that suited both parties (from what I picked up on)

While I would’ve preferred this conversation to happen in person, I’m simply glad it happened.

It was months in the making and my journey allowed for me to process these emotions so that I could finally have this long-awaited (and often avoided) conversation.

One other cool thing that happened was that, during one of the songs, I vividly remember a feminine presence inviting me to come dance with her.

Her energy was warm and her presence known.

She was welcoming, playful, and felt so energetic being around.

I remember taking her up on her invitation and slowly dancing to a colorful melody.

This is an example of “seeing visuals” even when you’re staring into darkness.

Our thoughts are merely feelings that our brain tries to create meaning around.

What I believe this woman was trying to teach me is that it’s ok to put myself out there and dance to the tune of life.

Since then, I’ve been a bit more proactive about talking to women (Tinder, strangers, etc) and focusing on getting to know them rather than focusing on an outcome.

I’m excited to continue exploring this and I look forward to opening myself up to others in more ways.

Our thoughts are merely feelings that our brain tries to create meaning around. Share on X

The Metaverse

I don’t know about you, but for weeks after the “Metaverse Wave” I was pretty pissed off at the human race.

“Why the f*ck do we need computers on our damn faces?!” I found myself asking.

Yet, the magic mushrooms had a way of helping me find clarity in the inevitable Metaverse that’s charging towards us.

Rather than seeing the Metaverse as this drone-like world, I was able to lean into the positive applications of what’s to come. I also started brainstorming what potential positive impact I could have in the Metaverse.

While everyone seems to be leaning on the “gaming” side of the Metaverse, I started asking myself, “Can the Metaverse help heal the human race?”

Better put: “Can the Metaverse simulate a psychedelic experience like THIS…?”

While I’m still far out from an answer, I do believe it’s possible.

I started doing some research and came across companies like SoundSelf, which are proactively working on solutions that will help humans mimic the psychedelic experience without the use of psychedelics.

Kinda cool, ain’t it?

While my focus remains on our current business, I do find myself daydreaming about what business venture(s) I may dip my toes in as the Metaverse continues to develop.

This realization has made the Metaverse seem a little less “scary” than I previously thought.

Learning Lessons For My Next Trip

As with any mushroom trip, I’m always learning more about myself and how to get more out of my journeys.

The most obvious lesson through this trip (and the previous ones) is to continue respecting such a sacred medicine.

Magic mushrooms are no joke and I want to continue shining a light on how to heal using them as opposed to the recreational “escapism” that gives them a bad stigma.

In addition to that, I’d like to integrate back into the real world a bit more fully moving forward.

I chased several other “rabbit holes” during my trip that I either forgot about or forgot to journal about.

Moving forward, I’d like to try taking regular breaks during my trip to write down some notes about any breakthroughs I have without “ruining” the trip itself.

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

It’s equal parts scary and liberating to be writing this mushroom trip report for the entire internet to see.

If you have any questions, please comment below and I’ll get you a response as soon as possible.

Keep exploring this beautiful life we were given, my friend!

Until next trip,


Austin Dixon

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