Sex On Shrooms: What To Know About Shrooms And Sex

By Austin Dixon | Updated April 4, 2024 | Effects & Benefits, Mushrooms
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Are you thinking of having sex on shrooms?

If so, you’re not alone! Having sex on magic mushrooms is one of the most deeply intense part of psychedelic exploration.

Mixing shrooms and sex has been known as one of the most magical and profound experiences to share with a lover.

That’s why in this article we’ll be going over everything you need to know about having sex on shrooms.

Do Magic Mushrooms Affect The Body During Sex?

Magic mushrooms affect serotonin levels in the body, which leads to feelings of intensified emotions, empathy, and abstract thinking.

When it comes to sex, magic mushrooms can lead to heightened senses and a deeper sense of intimacy than normal.

However, there are some pros and cons of doing the dirty while on magic mushrooms.

Here’s a few first-hand experiences of having sex on shrooms from others:

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Do Mushrooms Improve Sex Drive?

Psilocybin mushrooms have been shown to heighten a person’s senses, such as touch.

In regards to sex on shrooms, orgasms can feel better than before, physical touch can feel orgasmic, and connection between partners can feel deeper.

While magic mushrooms haven’t been shown to necessarily improve “sex drive,” the overall experience of having sex on shrooms is something that many users report as one-of-a-kind.

Is Having Sex On Shrooms Safe?

When it comes to safety, multiple studies have shown that psilocybin mushrooms are completely safe.

As with any psychedelic trip, there are a variety of factors that help ensure a positive trip like set, setting, and dosage.

If you’ve never experienced magic mushrooms before, we recommend checking out our how-to guide on Taking Shrooms For The First Time.

When it comes to sex, mushrooms likely won’t create any health concerns. However, as with any substance, we recommend speaking to a medical professional should you have any concerns.

Guidelines For Sex On Shrooms

having sex while on shrooms

When having sex on shrooms, there are some guidelines we recommend following that we’ve outlined below:

Make sure all parties give sober consent

Since psychedelics are known to cause a sense of distorted reality, it’s important that all persons involved give sober consent before ingesting magic mushrooms.

This creates a clear cut boundary between partners and allows you time upfront to set any expectations or boundaries.

The most important part about having sex on shrooms is making sure all partners feel safe during the trip.

Have sex with someone you trust

As with any sex act, intimacy is something that can’t be forced.

So, it’s important to always have sex with someone you trust regardless of whether you’ve taken mushrooms or not.

Since mushrooms affect everyone different due to internal conflict and mental health, trust serves as a foundation for ensuring that having sex on shrooms is an enjoyable experience.

Create a sexy, safe environment

Magic mushrooms have the ability to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

As mentioned above, a comfortable set and setting are crucial for a good trip.

So, tidy up your sex space, throw some pillows or cushions down, and make sure the lighting is set for an intimate mood.

If you’re use to using toys during sex, make sure to have them handy! Also, don’t be afraid to explore any kinks or fetishes you’ve been thinking about with your partner(s). Just make sure these are discussed before hand so that neither partner feels surprised while having sex on shrooms.

Music can also add to the experience. In this post, we’ve created a music playlist that can help you find deeper connection with your partner during sex.

Establish clear boundaries

Setting clear boundaries allows partners to feel comfortable while having sex on shrooms.

Make a list of “dos” and “don’ts” beforehand and make sure to discuss these with your partner(s).

Establish a clear list of boundaries that allows you to have the most magical experience ever!

Time your trip correctly

If you’ve never taken shrooms before, please know that your dosage can affect how long your trip lasts.

The last thing you want is for one partner to be at the peak of their trip while the other isn’t feeling anything at all. This can create a gap in connection between partners.

For a typical “trip,” which is between 2-3 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, effects will last between 4-6 hours.

Prepare to establish a deep connection

Magic mushrooms are a truly profound experience and can lead to deeper connection, intimacy, and love between partners.

According to Dr. Michael Ross, “Psilocybin can open you up with your partner, and help you hold space for difficult conversations or new ones that you weren’t expecting.”

Due to this, it’s important to learn how to speak your mind freely and open up new lines of communication while having sex on shrooms.

In doing so, you and your partner(s) may find new intimacies about each other that you’ve previously never discovered.

Overall, having sex on shrooms is a very individual experience. While some users report bad experiences, others have noted that it has been the most mind-blowing experience they’ve ever had.

Get comfortable, find the right partner, go experiment, and happy tripping!

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