Shrooms And Orange Juice: Does Orange Juice Help A Shroom Trip?

By Austin Dixon | Updated February 21, 2023 | Consumption, Mushrooms
Shrooms and Orange Juice

Mixing shrooms and orange juice is a popular combination for a shroom trip.

But does orange juice really help?

Some people say that it makes the trip more intense, while others claim that it just makes you sick.

So what’s the truth? Read on to find out everything you need to know about shrooms and orange juice.

Can You Mix Shrooms With Orange Juice?

Yes, but it is not recommended.

Mixing shrooms and orange juice can have unpredictable effects on your body because of the difference in pH levels between the two substances.

The acids present in both juices can cause a reaction that may lead to stomach pain or even vomiting if consumed together.

It’s best to avoid this combination so you don’t get any negative reactions from your stomach or other organs.

The safest thing to do would be drink only water while taking your shrooms or eat an orange afterwards if you need something sweet.

Since oranges contain antioxidants, they can inhibit some of the psychoactive effects of shrooms.

Does Orange Juice Make A Trip Better?

There’s no scientific evidence that suggests that orange juice makes a trip better, but many people believe that it does.

It’s possible that the sugar in orange juice could make a magic mushroom trip worse.

The reason why people think drinking orange juice with shrooms will enhance their experience is because of an interaction between two chemicals found in these foods.

Many people believe there’s something about eating or drinking sugars together with psychedelics that increase their potency, thus enhancing whatever spiritual experience that might come from using them both together at once.

Here’s an instance where one Reddit user claims that orange juiced ruined their magic mushroom trip.

What To Drink With Shrooms

The best drink to pair with shrooms will vary depending on your personal preferences and the specific strains of mushrooms you’re consuming.

Some people recommend drinking tea or coffee when indulging in shrooms as these beverages can help to enhance the psychoactive effects of the mushrooms.

Others suggest pairing shrooms with a sugary drink like fruit juice or a carbonated beverage. These types of drinks will help to offset some of the nausea that can often be associated with taking psychedelics.

Still others recommend avoiding any type of drink altogether when indulging in shrooms, as overconsumption of liquids can lead to dehydration.

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