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By Austin Dixon | Updated July 8, 2022 | LSD, Mushrooms
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Are you thinking about purchasing The Third Wave Microdosing course?

In this article, we’ll provide our first-hand review of the course and detail everything you need to know before purchasing!

What Is The Third Wave?

The Third Wave is a new-age educational company whose mission is to share trusted, research-based content. The company helps people feel safe, supported, and empowered as you follow your path towards personal transformation.

According to the their website, “[they] provide well-researched, high-quality information specific to the classic psychedelics – and how they can be used to help people like you live more vibrant lives.”

The Third Wave also provides coaching certifications for psychedelic integration coaches.

Who Is Paul Austin?

Paul Austin is the founder of The Third Wave and he’s considered a pioneer in the responsible use of psychedelics for healing, leadership and personal transformation.

According to his personal website, “[Paul] has been featured in  BBC,  Forbes, and  Rolling Stone  for his accomplishments in entrepreneurship regarding social awareness towards the benefits of microdosing psychedelics. “

Paul is the author of the book “Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life.”

He’s also the founder of two companies in the emerging psychedelic space, Third Wave and Synthesis.

Yeah I Paul’s 7-month experience with microdosing psychedelic substances is what led him to create The Third Wave Microdosing course.

In the course, Paul shares his proven science-based process to enhance emotional balance, holistic wellness, and peak performance.

How Microdosing Works

There are many benefits to microdosing psychedelic substances.

According to the course website,

Microdosing reduces activity in the “default mode network” (DMN) of our brains. In essence, the DMN is activated when we’re replaying memories, imagining the future, or listening to the little voice in our heads.

While baseline levels of DMN activity are totally normal, an overactive DMN often translates into repetitive thought loops, circular thinking, and fixation––it’s the biological basis for limiting beliefs, being in a rut, and “inside the box” thinking.

Microdosing interrupts those patterns while simultaneously fostering new neural connections. As a result, it becomes easier to create new habits, new beliefs, and new ideas.

That makes microdosing one of the most versatile, safe, and powerful tools we have for sustainable change.

Microdosing has many benefits that include promoting:

  • Mental and Emotional Healing
  • Holistic Wellness
  • Peak Performance and Flow States

The Third Wave Microdosing Course walks you through your first 30 days of microdosing  complete with suggested activities, journal prompts, and “experiments”.

What’s Inside The Third Wave Microdosing Course?

Inside the course, you’ll get access to a variety of different videos, resources, and worksheets to help you experience the benefits of microdosing in just 30 days or less.

The video course goes into full detail about the following topics:

  • The Science Behind Microdosing
  • The Shifting Legal Landscape of Psychedelics
  • The Wide World of Microdosing Applications and Benefits
  • Realize Your Potential: Peak Performance, Cognitive Enhancement, and Creativity
  • Microdosing and Physical Health
  • Preparing for Lift-Off: Getting Started with Microdosing
  • Taking The ‘Blue Pill’: Your Microdosing Experience
  • The Third Wave Protocol: Your First Month of Microdosing
  • Integration and Daily Life

When you enroll you’ll also get 40+ new, in-depth videos directly from Paul Austin.

The program features video and audio interviews from psychedelic experts such as David Krantz, Dr. Dan Engle, Janet Chang, and several others.

Microdosing Course Bonuses

When you join The Third Wave Microdosing Course you’ll get access to these exclusive bonuses:

  • Expand Self-Awareness and Mindfulness with the Microdosing Workbook and Tracking Template
  • Macrodose Bonus Module
  • Access To The Third Wave Exclusive Membership Community
  • Exclusive Third Wave Community Discounts
  • Access To The Library of Expert Interviews

The program comes with a 10-day risk free guarantee.

What that means is you can put aside any anxiety and try the entire program with zero risk.

If you decide to purchase The Third Wave Microdosing Course and end up not thinking it’s a good fit for you, just email The Third Wave team within 10 days of purchasing and they’ll issue a full refund.

Is The Third Wave Microdosing Course A Scam?

Third Wave’s Microdosing Course is far from being a scam.

The course itself was created by Paul Austin, who’s one of the most highly-respected individuals in the modern-day psychedelic renaissance.

Hundreds of successful, happy students have gone through the program with stellar results.

You can view all of the student testimonials here on this page.

You can try the course out for 10-days risk free due to the guarantee that The Third Wave offers for the course.

Third Wave Microdosing Course Testimonials

There are hundreds of people that recommend The Third Wave Microdosing Course.

Here’s some testimonials from the students:

Setting an intention on the days I chose to dose really impacted my day. Just taking the dose will not fix everything. This is a process and you only get what you put into it. This is the best I’ve felt in over two years. —Dr. L. Sutherland, 40, Physician

I’ve been in a creative slump for a couple of years and badly I needed to break out of it. The Third Wave course has been my structure, support, and inspiration for that personal overhaul. Microdosing helps me turn down the dial on my self-doubt and self-reproach and let ideas play together in my consciousness and subconscious. It’s the sensation of dilating my imagination. —Kim W., 49, Editor

I struggled with severe depression for 10 years. I tried every medication and therapy out there. Even electroshock therapy. Nothing helped. After microdosing, I’ve honestly never felt better in my life. So grateful to Third Wave for putting this course out there. —Max T., 29, Student

How To Join The Third Wave Microdosing Course

The Third Wave Microdosing Course has two different payment options:

  1. Save $28 by paying in full ($197 total)
  2. Use a payment plan (3 monthly payments of only $75)

You can access both of those plans by clicking here.

When you’re ready to try microdosing, we highly recommend this course.

It’s created by a proven expert in the field who gives you access to some of the brightest minds in psychedelic therapy.

Paul Austin and the team at The Third Wave did an amazing job condensing a wide array of knowledge into an easy-to-follow program.

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